Ladies Button Cardigan/Collar ML109

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Product Overview

For a sweater that is perfect for creating different looks while keeping warm, make this Ladies Button Cardigan a piece to add to any woman’s wardrobe! This piece is made of delicate Merino wool that offers insulating warmth, softness, and moisture-wicking ability. Long sleeves and a comfortable but tapered fit allow this piece to drape the body in a way that will flatter any shape, while the flap collar frames and elongates the neck. Ribbed trimming on the placket, hem, and cuffs complements the Aran vertical cable braided patterns that decorate the cardigan from top to bottom. Finished off with smooth buttons and pockets on the front, this cardigan is a winner and a closet must-have!

  • 100% Merino Wool - Made of pure Irish Merino Wool, this cardigan is the perfect piece to wear outside on a chilly day or evening. Merino wool is amazingly soft, breathable, and warm.
  • Button Detail - Buttons highlight the front of the cardigan while contrasting in both texture and dimension with the smooth flow of the wool. The array of buttons can be worn in various fashions, with some of the top and/or bottom buttons unfastened for different looks.
  • Front Pockets - Making this fabulous sweater just as practical as it is elegant are two front pockets that bring a chic and relaxed feel. These pockets are perfect for holding small items like keys or cash or for warming the hands.
  • Aran Stitching - Beautiful Aran stitching brings both majestic beauty and cultural meaning to this cardigan. Beautifully displayed are cable rope and braid variations that represent fishermen’s ropes and wishes for successful voyages.
  • Ribbed Trim - Creating subtle but lovely texture contrast with the body and sleeves of this charming sweater is the defined ribbed trimming on the cuffs of the sleeves, placket, and the hem that finishes off the piece with a sharp, classic touch.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review